June 15, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Accounting

By: FusePhase

Cloud accounting is how many of today’s businesses manage their finances, but there are some business owners who still aren’t too sure about it. Maybe you have a startup and you’re exploring your accounting options. Or perhaps you’ve had your business for a while, and you’re considering making the move from traditional accounting methods to the cloud. Either way, […]

January 10, 2015

Get Ready to File Your Business Taxes

By: FusePhase

The corporate tax-filing deadline is right around the corner (March 15). If you’ve been maintaining consistently accurate and up-to-date financial records throughout the year, then you’re probably in pretty good shape right about now. Good on you! For the rest of you who may have fallen behind (you know who you are), don’t let panic […]

May 22, 2014

How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Business?

By: FusePhase

You’ve got the “big idea.” You’ve got the drive. But – do you have the money you need to start that new business you’ve always dreamed about?  The first thing you should know is there’s no way of predicting exactly how much money you will need to start a business and maintain it for years to come. There […]

February 19, 2014

How to Reduce Risk for Your Business

By: FusePhase

“Reducing risk from a business perspective really comes down to having the right information to be able to make the right decisions.” – Jay Fife, CEO of FusePhase  Let’s talk for a moment about something that every business owner must face: Risk.  No business owner really likes to think about it, but the reality is our big plans […]

January 7, 2014

Your Financial To-Do List For Your Growing Business

By: FusePhase

You’ve got many hats to wear as a business owner. Especially in the early days of a growing business when resources are particularly scarce. (And by “scarce,” we mean pretty much non-existent.) Knowing where to begin with your company’s finances can be overwhelming, to say the least. Your first choice should always be to get the […]

December 19, 2013

How to Choose the Right Financial Professional for Your Business

By: FusePhase

If you’ve got a business that’s rapidly growing, first of all – hooray! Secondly, you’ve probably realized you simply can’t do everything yourself anymore, you overachiever, you. Especially when it comes to managing your finances. When the time has come to bring on some professional support with your company’s finances, a typical question is: Exactly […]

December 12, 2013

What is an Operational CFO?

By: FusePhase

You may be familiar with the term CFO, which stands for Chief Financial Officer. But an Operational CFO? That’s probably not one you hear every day. However, if you have a business, and especially if you planning on scaling your business, it’s a term you need to know. So, how is an Operational CFO different […]

November 21, 2013

Why I Started FusePhase

By: Jay Fife

An Introduction from the Founder & CEO, Jay Fife About a year ago, I was presented with the opportunity to do something new. Well, sort of. For more than 30 years, I’ve been working within various areas of running a business – from financial management to the day-to-day operations. I’ve helped businesses double and triple […]