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Outsourcing a CFO role can benefit your business at any stage of growth. Learn how our outsourced CFO services can help steer your business in the right financial direction.

Hiring a CFO is not a luxury reserved exclusively for big businesses with big budgets.

Managing the financial side of a business is tough – we get it. As a small to medium-sized business owner, you’ve probably run into your fair share of financial challenges already. 

And that’s where a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) steps in. Their job is to oversee the company’s financial operations, including financial forecasting, budgeting, cash flow and trend analysis, fundraising, risk management assistance, and so much more. 

Unfortunately, the cost of hiring an in-house CFO can hit your budget where it hurts. With the average salary of a CFO being $416,649, not including benefits or bonuses, this option is likely off the table for many growing companies. 

However, by outsourcing this role, you can have all the benefits of an in-house CFO at a fraction of the cost. Here’s how outsourcing CFO services to FusePhase can benefit your business.

a smart investment that pays dividends

Save Time and Money By Outsourcing

Having the expert guidance of an experienced CFO typically isn’t cheap. Outsourced CFO services are a much more affordable option while getting the same expertise as a full-time, in-house employee.

As a bonus, our outsourced CFO comes with a greater depth of experience than most, which comes from working with a wide range of businesses at different stages of growth. That’s a whole lot of value packed into one role – all at a lower cost than hiring a full-time employee.

a clear path forward for your business

Get Strategic Insights and Objective Expertise

Not only will they analyze past trends, but our outsourced CFO will look to the future goals of your business and help it to grow sustainably. They can devise strategies to move you toward those goals and help you make major business decisions, while guiding you through every bump on the way.

They will also offer expert, unbiased financial advice to your management team, giving fresh takes on the most challenging questions.

Efficiency is everything

Manage Your Budget and Cash Flow

Want to bring more cash in while sending less of it out? Our outsourced CFO can determine areas where you can spend less, identify potential future cash flow issues, and free up money for new projects.

We can also assist with various operational challenges, such as minimizing company expenditure, capital investment return, and regular cash flow evaluation. When your business runs more smoothly, the money will follow.

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a steady hand when you need it

Expert Advice in Difficult Financial Solutions

The only thing that’s certain is that sometimes things can be uncertain. This is especially true in running a business.

A successful company needs a strong foundation to keep a consistent course. Our outsourced CFO has the life and career experiences to help guide your business through financial struggles toward maximum profitability.

Take control of your business finances.
Get the support of an expert today.

Hire Reliable CFO Services By Pros

Outsourcing your CFO role can not only provide an affordable option for you, but can steer your organization in the right direction financially.

FusePhase is dedicated to helping businesses at all stages of growth. From building a startup from the ground up to managing mergers and acquisitions, we are here for you every step of the way.

Here's how our outsourced CFO can help your business:

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Get Reliable Financial Support For Your Business

FusePhase is a virtual finance and accounting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer customized solutions for outsourced accounting, CFO, and financial controller services that can help businesses handle their finances at an affordable price point.

Running a business in this area definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. You deserve the expert guidance and support of financial professionals to help your business meet its full potential.

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