10 Reasons Why Businesses Fail to Grow

Why do some businesses fail to grow while others seem to hit the ground running and never seem to slow down? If your business is stuck in a rut and can’t quite get to the next stage of its growth, here are some possible reasons why.

10 Reasons Why Businesses Fail to Grow_FusePhase

10 reasons why businesses fail to grow:

1. No business plan

Every business needs a business plan as it grows. Otherwise, it’s a lot like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. When your business has a clear direction, you and your employees are able to accomplish more, and your business can grow more quickly.

Every business needs a business plan as it grows. Otherwise, it's a lot like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Click To Tweet

2. Lack of strong leadership

Sorry, but the problem might actually be you. (We’re honest because we care.)

Your own passion, commitment, and leadership skills as a business owner can have a major impact on how quickly and efficiently your business is able to scale.

Make sure you’re always representing your business well, both internally and externally, and demonstrating strong leadership at all times.

3. Poor cash flow management

Money might not be everything there is to life, but – let’s face it – it’s pretty much everything to your business.

To maintain sufficient cash flow, you must stay on top of your billing, follow up on outstanding invoices, and make sure you always know your numbers so you don’t end up overspending.

4. Inefficient operations

Streamlining your operations can save you heaps of time and money, allowing your business to scale more smoothly. Make sure you devote as much time and energy to operations as you do to sales, and explore ways to make your business more efficient.

When companies fail, or fail to grow, it’s almost always because they don’t invest in the people, the systems, and the processes they need." - Howard Schultz5. Sloppy recordkeeping

If your books are a mess, you can’t have a clear picture of what your numbers are. This means you can’t make smart financial decisions that will promote the growth of your business.

If you can’t keep up with managing your books on your own, it’s time to get some qualified help.

6. Lack of resources

Not having enough time, money or qualified help typically comes with the territory of running a startup, but this doesn’t have to prevent your business from growing.

There’s an ever-growing number of simplified, affordable solutions for your business to take advantage of, which will help your business to scale without draining what few resources you have available.

7. Unhappy employees

No matter how strong your business model is, if your employees are unhappy, it can really hold your business back.

Invest in creating a positive work environment in which your employees feel happy and respected, and they’ll be more inspired and committed to the success of the business.

8. Outdated technology

Gone are the days when a company’s operations revolved around filing cabinets and mountains of paperwork – and frankly, good riddance.

Today’s most successful businesses are humming along with the help of cloud-based technology that helps them to streamline their processes and operate more efficiently.

9. Crappy customer support

The best marketing tool you’ll ever have is a happy customer. And, unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

Treating your customers well will always promote the growth of your business, so be sure you’re dedicating enough resources toward caring for them and their needs.

10. Resistance to change

Flexibility is an essential part of owning a business. If you or your business isn’t adaptable to change, you will quickly lose pace with the competition and get lost in the dust.

Embrace change, be willing to try new things, and just enjoy this crazy ride of owning your own business!

What has been your experience with growing a business? We’d love to hear about it!

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