Privacy Policy For FusePhaseFusePhase is concerned about the privacy of our visitors. It is our aim to protect your privacy wherever possible.

About Your Data

We may collect information about visitors to our website to help us better connect with you and continually provide you with a premium level of service. This data is gathered using Google Analytics and may include the time of your visit, your location, your web browser type, and what pages you viewed on our website. All collected data is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you.

Some areas of our website allow you to voluntarily submit information through online forms. This information will be transmitted over a standard, unencrypted connection. For your protection, please do not submit any confidential information through our website. If you do, you’re on your own.

How Your Data Will (And Won’t) Be Used

Information you submit will only be used to provide services you specifically request. FusePhase will not share or sell data collected through our website.

About Those Other Guys

Our website may contain links to websites that are not affiliated with FusePhase. This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites and we assume no liability for their content or data collection practices.

Your Consent

By using our website, you consent to this privacy policy. We reserve the right to revise this privacy policy from time to time.
If you have any questions about your privacy while using our website, please contact us via e-mail at or write to:

FusePhase 2424 Marcia Drive Pleasant Hill, California 94523
This policy was last updated on November 21, 2013.